Anapolon naspharma

I have run Balkan D-bol, Winni, and T-bol all at different times. The D-bol I was extremely happy with, Even though I do not have anything else to compare their D-bol against, what I can tell you is that I used to take Superdrol as well as a bunch of other Pro Hormones before the ban, and the results from the D-bol was superior to any of these. Except maybe the Superdrol, that was one strong hormone! The Winni is also awesome within days I always notice the increase in endurance and I feel like I can workout out for hours. I was so happy to find Winni because finally there is something to combat the lethargy I always experience on cycle. The T-bol was another great product but I only ran it for one cycle and want to run it for a couple more before I review it.

Males must immediately approach a doctor if they were to experience breast swelling, hair loss, variations in testicle size, problems urinating and impotence. On the other hand, females may experience signs of masculinity with the consumption of Oxymetholone and sometimes these changes are irreversible. These are only some of the side effects listed here. There are chances that you experience a different set of side effects altogether. You must see a doctor in case if these side effects persist even after you stop the consumption of Oxymetholone .

Anapolon naspharma

anapolon naspharma


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