Anavar upset stomach

[color=darkred:46d167896f]Hi Gillybee.[/color:46d167896f] I've never had a problem with PPI's but decided a couple of months ago to try to ditch some of my armoury of medicines! I stopped taking Omeprazole and took the advice of lots of people on this site regarding eating a yogurt before taking the Pred. Works a treat. Couldn't lay my hands on a yogurt at the Hospital one day last week and by mid morning it felt as though a little rodent was nibbling at my insides :dragon: (couldn't find a rodent!!). Then I stopped taking the Alendronic Acid - bliss! I'm sticking with 3mgs just now and I haven't had any stomach problems apart from the yogurtless day. Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather.

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Anavar upset stomach

anavar upset stomach


anavar upset stomachanavar upset stomachanavar upset stomach