Primo cycle

Same happening here. Starting a year ago it would trip the circuit breakers. We found if we turned off the hot water heater switch in the back, the problem went away. We figured it was a short in the heating element. Fast forward to three weeks ago the same thing now happens to the cold. Getting ready to replace HOWEVER am going to try plugging it into a REGULAR outlet in our house (that’s protected by the main circuit breaker panel) as opposed to our KITCHEN outlet where it is now. Our kitchen outlets are the ground-fault (GFI) type. Thinking possibly the initial start-up current draw on either the heater element or the cooling compressor is too much and trips the outlet-based GFI whereas the heavier duty circuit breakers in the panel box may not. If this doesn’t work then there’s an internal short in the unit somewhere but it’s unusual to lose BOTH the hot and cold elements since they’re completely different circuits and technologies (direct electrical heating element vs. compressor gas-liquid refrigerant cooling).

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Primo cycle

primo cycle


primo cycleprimo cycleprimo cycleprimo cycleprimo cycle