Steroids use in australia

In Australia, many people are encouraged to use steroids due to the body image expectations created by society. In secondary schools, % of boys and % of girls are using steroids. [2] Many Australian bodybuilders visit Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand because the pharmacies there sell some steroid brands ten times cheaper than they available on the Australian black market. Australians were also purchasing their steroids in other countries to avoid a possible criminal record at home. Australian Crime Commission [3] statistics have shown that there was a 106% increase in the last [ which? ] financial year of "performance and image-enhancing-drugs", showing 5,561 border detections. In 2007, the Australian Government surveyed a total of 23,356 Australians, asking them if they had ever used anabolic steroids for non-medical reasons, giving a result of %. [ clarification needed ] [4]

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Steroids use in australia

steroids use in australia


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