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A new rule was created for this Eurovision, ensuring that no professional publishers or composers were allowed in the national juries. During the voting, Italy gave one point to France, no points to the UK and seven points to the Netherlands placing them just three points ahead of the UK. Later on, France gave only three points to Italy and four points to the Netherlands thus giving them a five-point lead over the UK, who were only one point ahead of France, leaving Italy behind in sixth position, behind Denmark, on nine points. Something that occurred this year, but never again, was that more than the winning entry was performed once again. The third- and second-placed songs, France and United Kingdom respectively, were allowed to sing again at the end of the show, together with the eventual winner, the Netherlands.

The narrator in “Harare North” is conscious of the wars that erupt over the food issue as he says: “Food is a tricky subject; things get funny over it. Even before Shingi lose his graft, food sometimes make conversation funny. And that’s not with me, but also Aleck, Tsitsi and Farayi. But that’s not big surprise to me. Or even Shingi. The two of us have had chance of witnessing them troubles that food can cause from long time . . The problem is that disagreement over food always end up with innocent people hurt. Food arguments don’t fail to have victim,” (Chikwava, 2009: 66-67).

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